Chapter 15. View, Edit, and Manage Photos

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With its big glossy screen and wide black or white border, you could easily mistake the iPad for one of those digital picture frames designed to sit on your mantle and show an ever-running slideshow of your kids and pets. The iPad is no imposter here—it can serve as a digital photo album whenever you want. (You can even take those pictures with the latest iPad; flip back to Chapter 6 for photo-snapping instructions.)

Your thin little tablet can replace stacks and stacks of paper-based photo albums. You can overlay your snaps on a map that shows where you shot them (opposite page), and you can email your favorites to friends.

You can touch up your photos on the go, too, with photo-editing tools built right into iOS 5 or with one of many third-party apps. And with the right kind of audio-video cable or a second-generation Apple TV, you can play your pictures on the big screen for the whole family to see—making it the Kodak Carousel of the 21st century.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but when your friends see what you can do with photos on your iPad, you may hear a few thousand more.

Get Pictures onto Your iPad

The iPad can display your photographs in most of the file formats digital cameras use, including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, and even those large, uncompressed RAW files favored by serious photographers. But to show your pics off on the ...

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