Chapter 7. LuntBuild—A Web-Based Continuous Integration Server

An Introduction to LuntBuild

LuntBuild[7] is another open source Continuous Integration tool written in Java. It is quite easy to install and configure, and all server administration tasks are done via a simple but convenient web-based administration console. In fact, LuntBuild is designed to do more than just managing the continuous integration process: it also lets you store and manage generated artifacts, label and promote versions, and manage dependencies between builds. It supports a wide range of version control tools, and notifications can be diffused via email, instant message (IM), and even on a blog site. Indeed, it is one of the most feature-rich of the open source Continuous Integration tools.

LuntBuild is produced and maintained by a company called PMEase.[8] The source code is hosted on JavaForge. LuntBuild also has a commercial cousin, called QuickBuild, which is marketed by the same company. Quickbuild is a commercial open source product (the source code is provided at a cost), with some extra features such as enhanced user and group management, and functionality aimed at larger organizations managing a large number of projects.

Installing LuntBuild

Installing and configuring LuntBuild is relatively simple, and you can have a server up and running in less than an hour. The installation package comes in the form of a self-installing jar file. Download it from the LuntBuild web site and run the graphical installation ...

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