Appendix A. Resources

This appendix contains lists of resources for learning more about virtual reality systems and programming tools, and VR in general.

Headsets, Input Devices, and Video Capture Systems


High-end head-mounted displays for desktops and consoles

Several manufacturers are creating HMDs that work with desktop computers and game consoles. These include:

Mobile HMDs

Mobile virtual reality allows you to use the smartphone already in your pocket to experience VR, by simply dropping it into a stereoscopic viewer. Here are some of the options currently on the market:

Input Devices

Input poses new challenges to design and human factors. Since the user is visually cut off from the outside world, the mouse and keyboard don’t work well as input devices. Many VR applications are being designed to work with existing popular game controllers, such as those for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, or PS4, but new ...

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