As with so many things, so much credit goes to so many people, and thanks to those who helped immeasurably to make this book happen. This book was made so much better with the contributions of these photographers: Jarod Trow, Holly Jordan, Lynne Stacey, Dave Edelstein, Marcos Dominguez, and Jonathon Juillerat. Their input and offerings were beyond helpful.

Thanks to the team of Kelly, Kelly, Laura, Cricket, and Denny for your insight and immense help in working with this hopeless writer on his first book, and I will never be able to thank Kim Spilker enough for her constant encouragement and faith in me throughout this process.

I need to acknowledge Sharlie Douglas Hall and Nikon Inc. for much help over many years and for gear that just plain works. The calls, e-mails, and support that I got from Erik, Jarod, Angie, Lisa, David, Matt, Tim, and Eric meant more than they'll ever know.

A very special thank you goes to my parents and my siblings for their constant love and backing.

I also have the blessing to know that whenever I am in doubt or in need, that I always have the guidance of Butch Hall, Tom Casalini, and my Dad, Wes Bucher, for counsel and direction.

Finally, thank you to my wife and partner, Jennifer, for her patience and encouragement throughout this entire process.

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