To say that light is integral to photography is just scratching the surface. This book is just scratching the surface of all the angles and colors and direction that light can present to you in the viewfinder. As a photographer, you need light on the subject to create an image, but to create a great image, you need to get the best light you can on the subject.

Great light can come in many ways. Sometimes it just happens, and other times it takes time and patience to create or shape the light in your photographs. Take the time to wait for a few minutes to see whether the light changes, and savor the moments that you are shooting or waiting to shoot because you are not just seeing things through the camera, you are experiencing life happening before your eyes. Then you can take that slice of life home with you.


ABOUT THIS PHOTO The backlight in this image is what creates the yellow glow as the sunlight passes through the fall Aspen leaves, and the lone pine creates a focus for the image. 1/160 sec. at f/9 at ISO 200.

I hope that the images inspire you, if nothing more than to just take your camera with you or to keep it close to you for when the light is happening. Even more, I hope the images inspire you to try new things. Use the images here as guides and signposts so that you can recognize the things happening in your own images and better know how to capture the images ...

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