Book description

Explore different perspectives and approaches to create more effective visualizations

#MakeoverMonday offers inspiration and a giant dose of perspective for those who communicate data. Originally a small project in the data visualization community, #MakeoverMonday features a weekly chart or graph and a dataset that community members reimagine in order to make it more effective. The results have been astounding; hundreds of people have contributed thousands of makeovers, perfectly illustrating the highly variable nature of data visualization. Different takes on the same data showed a wide variation of theme, focus, content, and design, with side-by-side comparisons throwing more- and less-effective techniques into sharp relief.

This book is an extension of that project, featuring a variety of makeovers that showcase various approaches to data communication and a focus on the analytical, design and storytelling skills that have been developed through #MakeoverMonday. Paging through the makeovers ignites immediate inspiration for your own work, provides insight into different perspectives, and highlights the techniques that truly make an impact.

  • Explore the many approaches to visual data communication
  • Think beyond the data and consider audience, stakeholders, and message
  • Design your graphs to be intuitive and more communicative
  • Assess the impact of layout, color, font, chart type, and other design choices

Creating visual representation of complex datasets is tricky. There’s the mandate to include all relevant data in a clean, readable format that best illustrates what the data is saying—but there is also the designer’s impetus to showcase a command of the complexity and create multidimensional visualizations that “look cool.” #MakeoverMonday shows you the many ways to walk the line between simple reporting and design artistry to create exactly the visualization the situation requires.  

Table of contents

  1. Foreword
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. About the Authors
  4. Part I
    1. Introduction
      1. What Is Makeover Monday?
      2. How Did Makeover Monday Start?
      3. The Community Project
      4. Pillars of Makeover Monday
      5. How to Use this book
  5. Part II
    1. Chapter 1 Habits of a Good Data Analyst
      1. Approaching Unfamiliar Data
      2. Analysis versus Visualization
      3. Take Your Time
      4. Build Context Through Additional Research
      5. Find Insights
      6. Communicate Clearly
      7. Ask Questions
      8. Summary
    2. Chapter 2 Data Quality and Accuracy
      1. Working with Incomplete Data
      2. Overcounting Data
      3. Sense-Checking Data
      4. Is the Data Aggregable?
      5. Substantiating Claims with Data
      6. Summary
      7. Note
    3. Chapter 3 Know and Understand the Data
      1. Using Appropriate Aggregations
      2. Explaining Metrics
      3. Identifying and Correcting Mistakes
      4. Time Series Analysis
      5. Summary
      6. Notes
    4. Chapter 4 Keep It Simple
      1. What Is Simplicity?
      2. Simplicity in Design
      3. Simplicity in Analysis
      4. Simplicity in Storytelling
      5. Summary
      6. Note
    5. Chapter 5 Attention to Detail
      1. Typos
      2. Punctuation
      3. Formatting
      4. Crediting Images and Data Sources
      5. Summary
      6. Note
    6. Chapter 6 Designing for the Audience
      1. Creating an Effective Design
      2. Designing for Mobile
      3. Using Visual Cues for Additional Information
      4. Using Icons and Shapes
      5. Storytelling
      6. Reviewing Your Work to Improve Its Quality
      7. Summary
      8. Note
    7. Chapter 7 Trying New Things
      1. Developing a Sharing Culture
      2. Summary
    8. Chapter 8 Iterate to Improve
      1. Why Iterate?
      2. Examples of Effective Iteration
      3. Giving and Receiving Feedback
      4. Summary
      5. Notes
    9. Chapter 9 Effective Use of Color
      1. The Significance of Color in Data Visualization
      2. Using Color to Evoke Emotions
      3. Using Color to Create Associations
      4. Using Color to Highlight
      5. Best Practices for Using Color
      6. Using Background Colors
      7. Using Text as a Color Legend
      8. Summary
      9. Notes
    10. Chapter 10 Choosing the Right Chart Type
      1. Area Charts
      2. Stacked Bar Charts
      3. Diverging Bar Charts
      4. Filled Maps
      5. Donut and Pie Charts
      6. Packed Bubble Charts
      7. Treemaps
      8. Slopegraphs
      9. Connected Scatterplots
      10. Circular Histograms
      11. Radial Bar Charts
      12. Resources
      13. Summary
      14. Note
    11. Chapter 11 Effective Use of Text
      1. Effective Titles and Subtitles
      2. What Is Your Key Message?
      3. Instructions and Explanations
      4. Summary
    12. Chapter 12 Using Context to Inform
      1. The Importance of Context
      2. Using Simple Metrics
      3. Methods for Communicating Context
      4. Summary
      5. Note
  6. Part III
    1. The Community
      1. Long-Term Contributors
      2. Educators
      3. Employers
      4. Organizations
      5. Nonprofits
      6. Social Impact
      7. Makeover Monday Live Events
      8. Makeover Monday Enterprise Edition
  7. Source Lines
  8. Index
  9. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: #MakeoverMonday
  • Author(s): Andy Kriebel, Eva Murray
  • Release date: October 2018
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119510772