Applitools Eyes

In this section, we will set up a basic Applitools Eyes implementation so that we can see what it can do for us. We will start with the code that we created in Chapter 1Creating a Fast Feedback Loop and Chapter 2Producing the Right Feedback When Failing, and add in our eyes code. You don't need to pay for a full Applitools Eyes subscription to try this out, they offer trial accounts with access to all the functionality (you will need to use either Chrome or Firefox to log into their website, however).

So first things first; let's add a dependency to the Applitools code into our POM:

<dependency>    <groupId>com.applitools</groupId>    <artifactId>eyes-selenium-java3</artifactId>    <version>3.32.1</version></dependency>

Next, we ...

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