Mastering System Center Configuration Manager

Book description

Get up to date quickly with clear, expert coverage of SCCM 2016

Mastering System Center Configuration Manager provides comprehensive coverage of Microsoft's powerful network software deployment tool, with a practical hands-on approach. Written by Santos Martinez, Peter Daalmans, and Brett Bennett, this guide walks you through SCCM 2016 with in-depth explanations anchored in real-world applications to get you up to speed quickly. Whether you're planning a new installation or migrating from a previous version of Configuration Manager, this book provides clear instruction and expert insight to get the job done right. Fully aligned with the latest release, the discussion covers the newest tools and features with examples that illustrate utility in a variety of contexts.

System Center Configuration Manager (formerly SMS) is one of Microsoft's flagship products; the 2016 release has been updated with better Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 compatibility, improved tools for managing non-Microsoft mobile devices in the cloud, and more. This book provides start-to-finish coverage and expert guidance on everything you need to get your system up to date.

  • Deploy software and operating systems
  • Automate processes and customize configurations
  • Monitor performance and troubleshoot issues
  • Manage security in the cloud and on Virtual Machines

SCCM 2016 improves your ability to handle the bring-your-own-device influx in managing mobile, streamlining the latest hiccup right into the everyday workflow. Mastering System Center Configuration Manager provides the practical coverage you need to get up and running seamlessly.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction:
    1. The Mastering Series
    2. What This Book Covers
    3. What You Need to Get the Most Out of This Book
    4. How We Structured This Book
    5. Errata
  2. Chapter 1: Overview of System Center Configuration Manager and Microsoft Intune:
    1. A Brief History of Configuration Manager
    2. Configuration Manager Features
    3. Microsoft Intune Features
    4. Overview of the New Servicing Model for Configuration Manager
    5. Overview of the Servicing Model for System Center Configuration Manager
    6. Summary
  3. Chapter 2: Planning a Configuration Manager Infrastructure:
    1. Gathering Deployment Intelligence
    2. Planning the Configuration Manager Environment
    3. Designing Your Configuration Manager Environment
    4. The Bottom Line
  4. Chapter 3: Migrating to Configuration Manager:
    1. Introducing Migration
    2. Migration Functionality in Configuration Manager
    3. Planning a Migration
    4. Performing the Migration
    5. The Bottom Line
  5. Chapter 4: Installation and Site Role Configuration:
    1. Understanding Site Types
    2. Implementing Site Servers
    3. Installing Site System Roles
    4. Understanding Configuration Manager Site System Roles
    5. The Bottom Line
  6. Chapter 5: Client Installation:
    1. Creating Client Settings
    2. Discovering Network Objects
    3. Configuring Boundaries and Boundary Groups
    4. Client Installation Methods
    5. Verifying Client Installation
    6. Troubleshooting a Client Installation
    7. Ensuring Client Health
    8. The Bottom Line
  7. Chapter 6: Client Health:
    1. Understanding the Client Health Mechanism
    2. Client Health Evaluation: Results
    3. The Bottom Line
  8. Chapter 7: Application Deployment:
    1. What’s New in Application Deployment?
    2. Dependencies for Application Deployment
    3. Elements of Application Deployment
    4. The Application Deployment Process
    5. The Bottom Line
  9. Chapter 8: Software Updates:
    1. Highlights in Software Updates
    2. Prerequisites for Software Updates
    3. Elements of Software Updates
    4. The Software Update Process in Configuration Manager
    5. Planning to Use Software Updates in Configuration Manager
    6. Configuring Software Updates
    7. Preparing Software Updates for Deployment
    8. Deploying Software Updates with the Deploy Software Updates Wizard
    9. Using System Center Updates Publisher
    10. Monitoring Software Update Deployments
    11. Windows Update Servicing
    12. The Bottom Line
  10. Chapter 9: Operating System Deployment:
    1. What’s New in Operating System Deployment
    2. Planning for OSD with Configuration Manager
    3. Deployment Process
    4. Preparing Configuration Manager for OSD
    5. Adding Operating System Source
    6. Developing a Task Sequence for Creating a Capture Image
    7. Capturing an Operating System Image
    8. Deploying an Image
    9. Upgrading Operating System to Windows 10
    10. Deploying the Operating System on Bare Metal
    11. Installing Device Drivers into OSD
    12. Using User Device Affinity
    13. Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2013
    14. Deploying a Virtual Hard Drive
    15. Servicing Your Operating System Images and VHDs Offline
    16. Maintaining the User State
    17. Windows 10 as a Service
    18. The Bottom Line
  11. Chapter 10: Inventory and Software Metering:
    1. Inventory in Configuration Manager
    2. Software Metering in Configuration Manager
    3. The Bottom Line
  12. Chapter 11: Asset Intelligence:
    1. Requirements for Asset Intelligence
    2. Elements of Asset Intelligence
    3. Configuring Asset Intelligence
    4. Import Software License into Asset Intelligence
    5. The Bottom Line
  13. Chapter 12: Reporting:
    1. Installing SQL Server Reporting Services
    2. Running a Report
    3. Working with Reporting Security
    4. Managing Reports
    5. Creating Reports
    6. Importing and Exporting Reports
    7. The Bottom Line
  14. Chapter 13: Compliance Settings:
    1. Overview of Compliance Settings
    2. Configuring Compliance Settings Client Settings
    3. Creating Configuration Items
    4. Building a Configuration Baseline
    5. Compliance Settings Reporting
    6. Configuring Windows Information Protection
    7. Importing Configuration Packs
    8. User Data and Profiles
    9. Remote Connection Profiles
    10. Compliance Policies
    11. Conditional Access
    12. Company Resource Access
    13. Terms and Conditions
    14. Windows 10 Edition Upgrade
    15. The Bottom Line
  15. Chapter 14: Endpoint Protection:
    1. Benefits of Endpoint Protection
    2. Endpoint Protection Point Site System Role
    3. Endpoint Protection Client Agent
    4. Endpoint Protection Policies
    5. Definition Files
    6. Alerts
    7. Reporting
    8. The Bottom Line
  16. Chapter 15: Role-Based Administration:
    1. Overview of Role-Based Administration
    2. Security Roles
    3. Security Scopes
    4. Collections
    5. Administrative Users
    6. RBA Viewer
    7. The Bottom Line
  17. Chapter 16: Disaster Recovery:
    1. Planning for Disaster Recovery
    2. Backing Up Configuration Manager
    3. Restoring Configuration Manager
    4. Recovering Configuration Manager
    5. Unattended Recovery of a Site
    6. Other Site Maintenance Options
    7. The Bottom Line
  18. Chapter 17: Troubleshooting:
    1. Creating the Maintenance Plan
    2. Using Troubleshooting Tools
    3. Troubleshooting a Configuration Manager Site Installation
    4. Troubleshooting a Client Installation
    5. Troubleshooting Inventory
    6. Troubleshooting Mobile Devices
    7. The Bottom Line
  19. Chapter 18: Enterprise Mobility and Configuration Manager:
    1. Mobile Devices in Configuration Manager
    2. Lite Management
    3. Depth Management via Microsoft Intune
    4. On-Premises MDM
    5. Terms and Conditions
    6. Corporate-Owned iOS Devices
    7. Corporate-Owned Windows Devices
    8. Enrolling Devices
    9. Troubleshooting
    10. The Bottom Line
  20. Appendix:
    1. Chapter 2: Planning a Configuration Manager Infrastructure
    2. Chapter 3: Migrating to Configuration Manager
    3. Chapter 4: Installation and Site Role Configuration
    4. Chapter 5: Client Installation
    5. Chapter 6: Client Health
    6. Chapter 7: Application Deployment
    7. Chapter 8: Software Updates
    8. Chapter 9: Operating System Deployment
    9. Chapter 10: Inventory and Software Metering
    10. Chapter 11: Asset Intelligence
    11. Chapter 12: Reporting
    12. Chapter 13: Compliance Settings
    13. Chapter 14: Endpoint Protection
    14. Chapter 15: Role-Based Administration
    15. Chapter 16: Disaster Recovery
    16. Chapter 17: Troubleshooting
    17. Chapter 18: Enterprise Mobility and Configuration Manager
  21. EULA

Product information

  • Title: Mastering System Center Configuration Manager
  • Author(s): Santos Martinez, Peter Daalmans, Brett Bennett
  • Release date: January 2017
  • Publisher(s): Sybex
  • ISBN: 9781119258452