Chapter 5Modeling of Full-scale Converter Wind Turbine Generator

Yongning Chi1, Chao Liu1, Xinshou Tian1, Lei Shi2 and Haiyan Tang1

1China Electric Power Research Institute, Beijing, China

2NARI Technology Co. Ltd, Jiangsu, China

5.1 Introduction

The full-scale converter (FSC) wind turbine generator (WTG) is connected to the grid through full rating AC/DC/AC converters. The FSC-WTG consists of the wind turbine, generator and FSC [1], and the FSC system can be further divided into the generator-side converter, DC link, and the grid-side converter. The output of the FSC-WTG is rectified by the generator-side converter and then supported by the capacitor, and the energy is fed to the grid through the grid-side converter. The FSC-WTG can achieve a flexible connection with grid through the control over-converter, and in the event of a grid fault, the converter can also greatly improve the reactive current contribution of the WTG to the grid, enhancing the ability of the WTG to deal with grid disturbances [2].

The gearbox is optional for the FSC WTG. There are many types of generator used in FSC-WTGs, such as the squirrel cage induction generator (SCIG), the permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG), and the electrical excitation synchronous generator. The basic structure of a FSC-WTG is shown in Figure 5.1. With its excellent operating characteristics, the FSC-WTG has become mainstream, alongside the doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG) WTG. In particular, FSC-WTGs based on ...

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