Chapter 6. Customizing the Environment

The NetBeans IDE offers a highly customizeable environment through wizards and options that can be serialized. In this chapter you will learn how to customize your IDE environment. We will look at the following areas of customization:

  • Setup Wizard

  • Toolbars

  • Menus

  • Editors

  • Modules

The Setup Wizard

The Setup Wizards allows you to quickly configure your IDE with some general settings required for everyday use. It is especially useful after an initial install of the IDE and is usually launched the first time you run NetBeans. To use the Setup Wizard any time after the initial launch select ToolsSetup Wizard from the menu bar.

The first pane of the Setup Wizard

Figure 6-1. The first pane of the Setup Wizard

General NetBeans Settings

The first pane of the Setup Wizard, shown in Figure 6-1, allows you to configure a proxy server, a window mode, and an HTML browser.

The proxy server settings will be used for all the network and Internet needs of the IDE such as acquiring information for AutoUpdate from a remote Update Center. Your network administrator should be able to supply you with the server and port information of your proxy server. You will generally only need these settings if you are using the IDE behind a firewall.

The window mode setting is used to determine the type of windowing interface NetBeans should use. There are generally two types of interfaces: SDI and MDI. The ...

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