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Job no:93376 Title : RP-Master Of Poster Design Client : Pro-vision
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175 Size : 228.6(w)304.8(h)mm Co : M3 C0 O/P: All to spot
Dept : DTP D/O : 23.11.05 (Job no:93376.C1 D/O : 15.12.05 Co: CM3)
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Foster, John, 1971–
New masters of poster design : poster design for the next century /
John Foster.
p. cm.
ISBN 1-59253-222-5 (hardback)
1. Posters—21st century—Catalogs. I. Title.
NC1806.9.F67 2006
741.6'74090511—dc22 2005030663
ISBN 1-59253-222-5
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
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Digital edition: 978-1-61060-180-1
Softcover edition: 978-1-59253-434-0

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