Appendix B: Accessories

You have a wide choice of accessories for the D7100 that serve varying purposes. Nikon continues to release more and more accessories that enable wireless operation and the flexibility and ease that comes with being wire-free. There are also the standard accessories that work with the D7100, such as Speedlights. Some third-party manufacturers also make accessories that work well with the D7100.

Here’s a short list of some of the accessories that Nikon offers for the D7100 to help enhance your shooting experience.

Nikon MB-D15 Battery Grip

While some people don’t view a battery grip as a necessary tool, others swear by it. I’m in the latter camp. Not only does a battery grip allow you to add an extra battery for extended shooting time, but it also provides you with a full set of controls for handling the camera vertically.

The vertical controls allow you to hold the camera at a normal, comfortable angle, so that you don’t have to shoot with your elbow up in the air. The grip also provides you with all the controls that you have while shooting normally, including a shutter-release button (which can be switched off to prevent accidental shutter releases), both Main and Sub-command dials, a multi-selector, and a programmable AF-ON button ( afon.eps ).

In addition, the MB-D15 is made from magnesium alloy and polycarbonate and is weather sealed, just like the D7100 camera ...

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