Appendix A

Introductory MATLAB

Core Topics

Starting with MATLAB (A.2).

Arrays (A.3).

Mathematical operations with arrays (A.4).

Script files (A.5).

Plotting (A.6).

User-defined functions and function files (A.7).

Anonymous functions (A.8).

Function functions (A.9).

Subfunctions (A.10)

Programming in MATLAB (A.11).


MATLAB is a powerful language for technical computing. The name MATLAB stands for MATrix LABoratory because its basic data element is a matrix (array). MATLAB can be used for mathematical computations, modeling and simulations, data analysis and processing, visualization and graphics, and algorithm development.

MATLAB is widely used in universities and colleges in introductory and advanced courses in mathematics, science, and especially in engineering. In industry the software is used in research, development, and design. The standard MATLAB program has tools (built-in functions) that can be used to solve common problems. In addition, MATLAB has optional toolboxes that are a collection of specialized programs designed to solve specific types of problems. Examples include toolboxes for signal processing, symbolic calculations, and control systems.

This appendix is a brief introduction to MATLAB. It presents the most basic features and syntax that will enable the reader to follow the use of MATLAB in this book. For a more complete introduction, the reader is referred to MATLAB: An Introduction with Applications, Fourthrd Edition, by Amos Gilat, Wiley, 2011. ...

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