‘Note: Page numbers followed by “f” indicate figures, “t” indicate tables, and “b” indicate boxes.’
Acceleration, 77
Adams equation, 33–35, 34f
Aerodynamic particle sizer, 51, 51f
Aerosol coagulation, 8
Agglomerates, 8
agglomeration devices, batch, 126, 127f
deformation number, 131
degrees of saturation, 129, 129f
dimensionless spray flux, 129, 129f
particle collision, 130–131, 131f
regime map, agglomeration, 131–132, 132f
size and liquid distributions, 126–127, 128f
spraying, 128, 128f
wet agglomerate consolidation, 130, 130f
Autoadhesive forces, 6
Benbow & Bridgwater equation, 124–125, 124f
Beverloo equation, 151, 152f
Brunauer, Emmett, and Teller (BET) adsorption isotherm equation, 24f, 24b
Bubbling fluidized bed ...

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