Chapter 15. The Best Phrases for Ethics

Ethical issues in the workplace have always been important. They bring down individuals as well as companies. Most people are aware of the damages that ethical shortcomings can wreak on a company, but many people don't realize that a strong performance appraisal system can play a critical preventive role.

Performance appraisals, accompanied by ongoing coaching and feedback, have the potential to identify and arrest unethical behaviors before they lead to a different kind of arrest. With feedback and guidance from solid performance appraisal systems, unethical behaviors are likely to be identified and stopped in their earliest stages.

In order to stop these breaches of ethics, appraisals need to do more than merely advise an employee that he's been acting unethically. In order for feedback regarding unethical behavior to have a lasting impact, it needs to target specific unethical acts.

This chapter focuses on the broad range of written comments that deal with the broad range of unethical behaviors. These phrases focus on employee behaviors in such areas as equal employment opportunity, diversity, sustainability, honesty, integrity, fairness, and more.

With strong feedback in each of these specific areas, you can prevent unethical behaviors from expanding and contaminating your company.


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