CHAPTER 1 Achieving High-Impact Outcomes—An Overview

The sole reason to embed data intelligence into your organization—to make it pervasive—is to help you make better decisions that lead to achieving high-impact outcomes. To get the information you need to make better decisions, it’s crucial to have the ability to develop customized analytics applications quickly, and scale them up or down based on intelligence needs.

This means that you are becoming—or need to become—like a software company, whether you want to or not. Therefore, your IT strategy and technology expectations must reflect this premise.

For example, artificial intelligence and digital supply networks can enable you to become more agile by providing the ability to better understand and interpret your environment and become more responsive to business and market needs. However, the foundation of this agility is the technical infrastructure that supports all these dynamic technologies. If that infrastructure is not cutting-edge and flexible, it can’t support innovative technologies.

Software companies (meaning your company!) need technical infrastructures that are more akin to those of utility companies. On a hot summer day, do you contact your local electric supplier to make more wattage available to your house in order to run your air conditioner? No, you get billed for what you utilize.

The same is true for intelligence capabilities. Establishing the infrastructure enables you to quickly access the resources ...

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