CHAPTER 11 Intelligent Clouds—Combining the Cloud and Analytics to Realize Pervasive Intelligence

According to a recent IDG survey, about 70% of companies have at least one application in the cloud. An additional 43% want to migrate most or all of their data workloads—and, significantly, their analytics capabilities—to the cloud over the next few years. To be sure, cloud adoption is growing due to pressures—both internal and external—to make data intelligence pervasive and increase agility and responsiveness to market changes, shrink data center footprints, adapt to changing intelligence needs, and move IT costs from CapEx to OpEx.

However, cloud adoption plans are often hindered by concerns about security and the lack of IT staff with experience to manage a cloud environment. As a result, many companies struggle to identify the cloud model that’s right for their goals. One model that can help you meet your goals, regardless of your size or resource capabilities, is intelligent clouds as-a-service.


Intelligent clouds contain analytics and cloud storage, bundled as a managed-services package—typically on a subscription basis—that can be scaled up or down quickly, at will, depending on your needs. They allow you to deploy the latest and most sophisticated analytics capabilities you need, combined with flexible, secure cloud storage that fits your workload size and operational requirements.


With an intelligent cloud, your ...

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