Chapter 5. Controlling Color with Channels

At the heart of any Photoshop file lie channels—storage containers for all your image’s color information, saved selections (Saving a Selection), and instructions regarding special printing inks. Channels sound intimidating at first, and folks have been known to shudder at their mention and avoid them completely. But to really understand Photoshop, you need to understand channels. Luckily, you don’t need a PhD to do that—just a little patience.

This chapter gets a little technical at times, but if you soldier through, you’ll be rewarded with wisdom that’ll help you perform some amazing pixel wizardry. You’ll get that warm, fuzzy, enlightened feeling as you learn to:

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Everything you do in Photoshop involves channels (well, save for paths, which you’ll learn about in Chapter 13), so it’s important to get to know them. If you understand how Photoshop does what it does, you can make it do even more in less time and with less effort. That’s called working smarter, not harder—which is why, dear Grasshopper, ...

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