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Abstract concepts, 9, 139

Adrenaline, 107

Adrenaline rush, 172

Adventure, 169

“Aha” moment, 16, 17

Airport deal. See Case study (airport deal)

Alchemy of Finance, The (Soros), 131

Alpha, 77, 78

Always be closing (ABC), 67

Always be leaving (ABL), 67

Amygdala, 13

Analog human narratives, 140

Analyst frame, 44, 51, 52, 60

Analyst frame disruption, 56–57, 60–61

Analytical tangent, 67

Anger, 56

Anxiety, 107

Apprenticeship, 216

Attention, 49–50, 113

Attention getting, 112–116

Austin, Steve (Six Million Dollar Man), ...

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