What You Need

To follow along and code the examples shown in this book, you’ll need the following three pieces of software:

  • Java,[1] of course. Most any version will work, though the examples in this book use Java 8.

  • An IDE. The examples in this book were built using Eclipse,[2] but you can use IntelliJ IDEA,[3] NetBeans,[4] vi, Emacs, or pretty much any editor.

  • JUnit.[5] JUnit is integrated with the major three IDEs (Eclipse, IntelliJ, and NetBeans), so you won’t need to install it if you go the IDE route. The examples in this book use JUnit 4.11. If you’re using an older version of Java, JUnit 4.x should work for any version of Java from 1.5 on. (For even older versions of Java, you’ll need to use JUnit 3.8, which sports a different interface ...

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