Keeping Tests Consistent with AAA

When we wrote tests for the first iloveyouboss example, we visually organized our tests into three chunks: arrange, act, and assert, also known as triple-A (AAA).

public​ ​void​ answersArithmeticMeanOfTwoNumbers() {
ScoreCollection collection = ​new​ ScoreCollection();
collection.add(() -> 5);
collection.add(() -> 7);
int​ actualResult = collection.arithmeticMean();
assertThat(actualResult, equalTo(6));

Back then, we added comments to identify each of the chunks explicitly, but these comments add no value once you understand the AAA idiom.

AAA is a part of just about every test you’ll write. With AAA, you:

  • Arrange. Before we execute the code we’re trying to test, ensure that the system ...

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