Chapter 4

Count on It: Number and Quantity


check Brushing up on integers

check Rewriting fractions and mixed numbers

check Determining decimal and percent forms of numbers

check Looking at number lines and the order of operations

check Figuring out quantities

A good review of math begins with the basics of numbers and the major operations you do with them. The Praxis Core exam involves the basic operations, as well as more complicated ones, using different types of numbers. About 30 percent of the 56 math questions on the exam fall into the “number and quantity” category (that’s about 17 questions if you haven’t warmed up your math muscles yet). Plus, you have to understand these basics in order to perform more complicated math problems.

If you were reviewing how to ride a bike, you might want to start with a discussion of pedals and tires and how to make them move. Doing math is like riding a bike, and this chapter starts at the beginning of your ride down the road to complete preparation for ...

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