Chapter 6

Grasping Geometry Concepts


check Getting the lowdown on points, lines, planes, and angles

check Defining and combining shapes

check Focusing on geometric formulas

check Understanding the xy coordinate plane

check Taking a closer look at triangles

The time has come for you to review America’s favorite subject, geometry. Well, it’s America’s favorite subject according to a recent survey of one person — a geometry teacher. Okay, never mind that. Geometry is basically the study of the nature of shapes and where shapes exist. The subject begins with points and goes all the way to three-dimensional figures.

Like other areas of math, geometry involves principles from areas that typically precede its study. Algebraic expressions, for example, are commonly used in geometry, and using geometric principles to solve for variables is very common. So, make sure you have a good grasp of geometry concepts because you never know when one may appear on the Praxis Core — or in real life. The math test of ...

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