Chapter 10

Test-Taking Strategies for Core Reading


check Approaching test passages in the most efficient manner

check Discovering how to “question the answers”

check Addressing the concern of running out of time

Chapter 9 covers the structure of the Praxis reading test and the types of questions you can expect to see. But that chapter is principally an overview of the types of reading skills you’ll want to hone before the exam. In this chapter, we take more of a “game theory” approach to the task at hand, helping you to crack the code of the test and earn a great score by any down-and-dirty means necessary (aside from cheating, of course).

Figuring Out Which to Read First: The Passage or the Question

The same question seems to arise first whenever the subject of answering questions about reading passages comes up: Should you read the passage first and then look at the question(s), or should you scan the question(s) first and then look back for the answers in the passage?

The majority of students who struggle with reading comprehension find that it’s best to start by reading the passage.

So why is it better to read the passage first? Wouldn’t a more commonsense approach be to glance ...

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