Chapter 17

Practice Exam 2: Answers and Explanations

If this is the second practice exam you’ve taken, we hope you’ve improved your scores and are feeling more confident about taking the Praxis Core. Use the answers and explanations in this chapter to see how well you performed and to understand where you might have gone wrong on the answers you missed. Remember, the practice exam can help you determine where you need to focus your studies in preparation for the real Praxis Core. If you want to score your test quickly, flip to the end of the chapter, where the “Answer Key” gives only the letters of the correct answers.

tip If you want even more preparation for taking the Praxis, head to There you can take three more practice tests, review the answers and explanations, and get a personalized summary of your performance.

Part 1: Reading

  1. E. change his legacy.

    The passage explains that Nobel was dismayed by seeing himself referred to as “the merchant of death” in a newspaper. He didn’t want to be remembered that way, so he endowed the Nobel Prizes so that he would be remembered for something else. In other words, he wanted to change his legacy.

    The right answer is not Choice (A) because the passage never indicates that Nobel made any money from the Nobel Prizes; on the contrary, he devoted the fortune he had made through other means to their establishment.

    The right ...

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