Chapter 11

Visualization of Analytical Results

In This Chapter

arrow Applying visualization to the predictive analytics lifecycle

arrow Evaluating data visualization

arrow Using visualization on different predictive analytics models

Visualization is an art. In predictive analytics, it’s the art of being able to analyze and tell a story from your data and analytical results. The story may not only be about the present or the past, but also about the future.

Quick, easy-to-generate visualizations would enhance the decision-making process, making it faster and more effective. Data visualization would also provide executives with a basis for asking better and smarter questions about the organization.

This chapter zooms in on the importance, benefits, and complexities of data visualization. You become familiar with four criteria you can use to evaluate a visualization of analytical results. You’re also introduced to the different types of visualizations that you can deploy for different types of prediction models.

remember.eps This chapter focuses on the specific use of data visualization: making sense of the analytical ...

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