Web Apps in the Enterprise


  • Creating a library to hold Access templates in an app catalog
  • Creating an Access client template
  • Customizing an app package
  • Synchronizing data between app databases


The code and sample downloads for this chapter are found at www.wiley.com/go/proaccess2013prog.com on the Download Code tab. They are in the Chapter 12 download and individually named according to the filenames listed throughout the chapter. The app packages for the web apps in this chapter are called Maid to Order and Maid to Order Customer.

In this chapter, you learn how to more fully incorporate your Access web apps, and the databases behind them, into your enterprise environment. In many organizations, Access developers have struggled with the fact that their database applications have been relatively isolated from the rest of the IT infrastructure. Access web apps, deployed in the SharePoint app catalog, can go a long way toward closing that gap. In this chapter, we show you some ways that can be done.

First, you learn how to create a SharePoint library to store Access client templates for deployment to authorized developers in the organization. Under the control of the SharePoint admin, Access files in the Access Template Library can be used to start everyone off on the same baseline.

Then, you learn how to customize your app packages with a corporate logo, branding them for your corporate use.

And finally, you learn ...

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