Deploying Access Web Apps


  • Deploying Access web apps
  • Versioning Access web apps
  • Storing an app on a SharePoint site
  • Controlling distribution
  • Monetizing Access web apps


The code and sample downloads for this chapter are found at www.wiley.com/go/proaccess2013prog.com on the Download Code tab. They are in the Chapter 14 download and individually named according to the file names listed throughout the chapter. The app packages for the web apps in this chapter are called Maid to Order and Maid to Order Customer. Refer to the ReadMe.txt file for installation instructions.

You've learned how to build a web app, and now you want to distribute it. In this chapter, you learn how to do that. You may appreciate the fact that, once it's been deployed, distributing a new version can be as easy as updating the web app. There is no file copying to do. Of course, you may also want to maintain a separate test and production environment for proper lifecycle management over your apps, releasing updates to your web apps when you are ready to do that. Thus, in this chapter, you learn how you can provide a form of version control for releasing your web apps.

You will also deal with another aspect of app management that has never been done up to now — distributing your application via a public channel such as the Office Store and possibly monetizing it in the process. You will learn how to handle some new challenges you face when you ...

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