Chapter 15. Custom Knowledge Base: Basic Share Customizations


  • Adding a custom dashlet to Alfresco Share

  • Defining new pages for Alfresco Share sites

  • Adding new types of sites to Alfresco Share

This chapter guides you through the process of extending Alfresco Share to implement a custom dashlet and a custom page. It walks you through the configuration of each of these into an Alfresco Share project site. It also looks at how you can define new site presets and make them available to your users.

This chapter builds on the foundation reading from Chapter 14. The Alfresco Share customizations that you are going to build will interact with the Knowledge Base repository work from the previous chapter. If you have not worked through the previous chapter, please take time to do so.

This chapter is structured to provide the following sections:

  • Overview—A high-level explanation of the concepts and application extension points that you will use in the example. You don't have to type in any of the code in this section—it is simply provided to help guide along the conversation.

  • Installing the Code—A step-by-step guide to the approach you will need to take in order to install all of the sample code on your own Alfresco installation.

  • Putting It into Action—A walkthrough of your new extensions. Try them out and see what they do!

At the end of this chapter you will find the source code for the samples. This is only provided for reference. To install, you should download the source files ...

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