Lazier Than Lazy

Clojure’s lazy sequences are a great form of laziness at the language level. As a programmer, you can be even lazier by finding solutions that do not require explicit sequence manipulation at all. You can often combine existing sequence functions to solve a problem, without having to get your hands dirty at the level of recur or lazy sequences.

As an example of this, you will implement several solutions to the following problem.[37] You are given a sequence of coin toss results, where heads is :h and tails is :t:

 ​[:h :t :t :h :h :h]​

How many times in the sequence does heads come up twice in a row? In the previous example, the answer is two. Toss 3 and toss 4 are both heads, and toss 4 and toss 5 are both heads.

The sequence ...

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