Objects, Types, and Values

Fortune favors the prepared mind.

– Louis Pasteur

This chapter introduces the basics of storing and using data in a program. To do so, we first concentrate on reading in data from the keyboard. After establishing the fundamental notions of objects, types, values, and variables, we introduce several operators and give many examples of use of variables of types char, int, double, and string.

§2.1 Input

§2.2 Variables

§2.3 Input and type

§2.4 Operations and operators

§2.5 Assignment and initialization

An example: detect repeated words; Composite assignment operators; An example: find repeated words

§2.6 Names

§2.7 Types and objects

§2.8 Type safety

§2.9 Conversions

§2.10 Type deduction: auto

2.1 Input

The “Hello, World!” ...

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