How to do it

We proceed with the recipe as follows:

  1. Docker Compose uses a docker-compose.yml file that tells Docker how to compose containers as services.  In the 10/05 folder there is a docker-compose.yml file to start up all the parts of our scraper as a service.  The following is the file's contents:
version: '3'services:  api:    image: scraper-rest-api    ports:      - "8080:8080"    networks:      - scraper-compose-net  scraper:    image: scraping-microservice    depends_on:      - rabbitmq    networks:      - scraper-compose-net  elastic:    image:    ports:      - "9200:9200"      - "9300:9300"    networks:      - scraper-compose-net  rabbitmq:    image: rabbitmq:3-management    ports:      - "15672:15672"    networks:      - scraper-compose-netnetworks: scraper-compose-net: ...

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