Appendix C. Installing Quicken

Quicken installations fall into two camps—fresh installations and upgrades from a previous version. Either way, Quicken installations don’t give you many options. About all you get to decide is where to install the software, though you don’t even have to do that. This simplicity may lull you into choosing options you’ll later regret, such as upgrading Quicken instead of installing a second separate version. But don’t worry; this appendix walks you through the installation process and explains which options you should choose and why.


To run Quicken 2009, your computer has to use Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, or Windows Vista.

Installing Quicken

The main thing you need to successfully install Quicken is a little common sense. This section tells you everything else you need to know. If you have a previous version of Quicken on your machine and run into trouble trying to install the new version, you’ll have to perform a few extra steps, as explained in the box on Installing Quicken. If you want to install Quicken 2009 in addition to your current version to make sure you want to upgrade, see the box on Upgrading Quicken.

Here’s how to do a fresh installation if you don’t have any other versions of Quicken on your computer:

  1. As with most installations, it’s a good idea to shut down any programs you have running, including your virus protection program. Then insert the Quicken CD.

    Usually, the installation process starts on its own and the Quicken ...

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