Chapter 14. Displays

14.0 Introduction

Although the Raspberry Pi can use a monitor or TV as a display, it is often nice to use a smaller, more specialized display with it. In this chapter, we explore a range of different displays that can be attached to a Raspberry Pi.

Some of the recipes require the use of a solderless breadboard and male-to-female jumper wires (see Recipe 9.8).

14.1 Using a Four-Digit LED Display


Be sure to check out the accompanying video for this recipe at


You want to display a four-digit number in an old-fashioned, seven-segment LED display.


Attach an Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) LED module, such as the model shown in Figure 14-1, to a Raspberry Pi using female-to-female jumper wires.

Figure 14-1. Seven-segment LED display with a Raspberry Pi

To make this recipe, you will need the following:

The connections between the Raspberry Pi and the module are as follows:

  • VCC (+) on the display to 5V on the Raspberry Pi general-purpose input/output (GPIO) connector

  • GND (-) on the display to GND on the Raspberry Pi GPIO connector

  • SDA (D) on the display to GPIO 2 (SDA) on the Raspberry Pi GPIO connector

  • SCL (C) on the display to GPIO 3 (SCL) on the Raspberry Pi GPIO ...

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