Chapter 15. Sound

15.0 Introduction

In this chapter, you learn how to use sound with your Raspberry Pi. There are recipes both for playing sounds in various ways—using loudspeakers or a buzzer—and for using a microphone to record sounds.

15.1 Connecting a Loudspeaker


You want to play sounds from your Raspberry Pi.


Attach a powered speaker such as the one shown in Figure 15-1.

Having attached the speaker to the audiovisual socket, you will also need to configure the Raspberry Pi to play through the audiovisual jack, not HDMI, using Recipe 15.2.

Figure 15-1. Attaching a rechargeable amplified speaker to a Raspberry Pi

An alternative to using a general-purpose speaker like the one shown in Figure 15-1 is to use a speaker kit designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi, such as the MonkMakes Speaker Kit for Raspberry Pi, shown in Figure 15-2.

Figure 15-2. The MonkMakes amplified speaker and a Raspberry Pi

This speaker is connected using the audio lead supplied with the kit, and the speaker uses the Raspberry Pi’s 5V power supply, connected using the female-to-female leads.

Raspbian comes with a handy program to test that your speaker is working. Type the following command in the Terminal:

$ speaker-test -t wav -c 2 speaker-test 1.1.3 Playback device ...

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