Chapter 9. Stream Computations Organized for Reconfigurable Execution

André DeHonDepartment of Electrical and Systems EngineeringUniversity of Pennsylvania

Yury Markovskiy, Eylon Caspi, Michael Chu, Randy Huang, Stylianos Perissakis, Laura Pozzi, Joseph Yeh, John WawrzynekDepartment of Electrical Engineering and Computer SciencesUniversity of California–Berkeley

SCORE is a programming model for reconfigurable computing designed for application longevity and scalability, based on a streaming dataflow compute model (Section 5.1.3) and employing several system architectures (Section 5.2) to support scalability. The compute model allows us to abstract away hardware details such as platform capacity (e.g., number of lookup tables [LUTs]) and the detailed ...

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