Chapter 28. Open Object Rexx Tutorial


For those who practice object-oriented programming, the summary of Open Object Rexx provided by the previous chapter is all you need. Install the product, look over the sample scripts that come with it, review the class libraries and their methods, and you're ready to program. If you are familiar with object-oriented programming from languages like Java, C++, or Python, review the class libraries and start programming.

For everyone else, something's missing. The previous chapter discussed the basics of OO programming with Open Object Rexx, but more to describe its capabilities than to teach you how to use it. This chapter tries to fill that gap. For those new to object-oriented programming, it presents a simple tutorial. Assuming that you know classic Rexx, it bootstraps you into the world of object-oriented programming with simple, complete program examples.

Open Object Rexx is ideal for learning OOP because it retains full compatibility with classic Rexx; everything you've learned about classic Rexx still applies. You can tip-toe into the object-oriented world at your own pace by learning ooRexx. For example, you can still manipulate strings with the string functions of classic Rexx. Or, you can start using Open Object Rexx's string class methods in their place. You can still perform traditional Rexx I/O. Or, you can use the object-oriented stream class methods. Code with either approach in Open Object Rexx.

Open Object Rexx retains the ...

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