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Sales Promotion Decision Making

Book Description

Sales promotions are a fact of life for the majority of retailers, suppliers, and FMGC stakeholders commanding up to 75 percent of total marketing budgets. From straightforward discounts on products to more complex omni-channel consumer competitions and contests, sales promotions play a vital role as both strategic and tactical marketing tools. Those responsible for sales promotions must deliver real results in cut-throat competitive trading environments. However, with limited understanding of the options, principles, and practices that underpin effective sales promotion planning, managers often rely on past experience or preferences to guide their decision making. Not surprisingly, many sales promotions fail to achieve their potential. Sales Promotion Decision Making serves as a vital resource for practitioners. Distilled from over 700 articles and cases, it presents the findings of comprehensive global research which explores the DNA of sales promotions, including their role, nature, and function, the critical decision-making processes, and campaign evaluation. This is supported with case studies of sales promotion planning in practice based on research conducted in FMCG and retail organizations. The book offers the reader a deeper, more comprehensive and critical expert appreciation of the core concepts that define sales promotions. This will empower decision makers, consultants, and stakeholders to make more confident, informed, and effective campaign decisions.