Chapter 5. Inheritance: Time to Write Some Code

Inheritance is a powerful tool. Today you will explore the use of this new tool through a number of hands-on lab exercises. By the end of today’s lesson, you should feel a bit more comfortable with the theory presented on Day 4.

Today you will learn

  • How to use inheritance while programming

  • How abstract classes help you plan inheritance

  • About the importance of the “Is-A” and “Has-A”

  • How Java may have violated the “Is-A” and “Has-A” relationship

Lab 1: Simple Inheritance

Listing 5.1 presents the personified MoodyObject baseclass.

Example 5.1.

public class MoodyObject { // return the mood protected String getMood() { return "moody"; } // ask the object how it feels public void queryMood() { ...

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