Chapter 10: REGEX Rule Type

10.1. Introduction to the REGEX Rule Type

10.2. Basic Use

10.3. Advanced Use: Discovery of Patterns

10.4. Advanced Use: Exploration

10.5. Advanced Use: Identification of Tokens for Splitting in Post-processing

10.6. Advanced Use: Information Field

10.7. Troubleshooting REGEX

10.8. Best Practices for Using REGEX

10.9. Summary of REGEX

10.1. Introduction to the REGEX Rule Type

In chapter 5, you learned about four groupings of LITI rule types:

  • Concept rule types (including CLASSIFIER, CONCEPT, C_CONCEPT and CONCEPT_RULE)
  • Fact rule types (including SEQUENCE and PREDICATE_RULE)
  • Filter rule types (including REMOVE_ITEM and NO_BREAK)
  • REGEX rule type

This chapter describes the use and best practices associated with the ...

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