Chapter 12: Fundamentals of Data Considerations

12.1. Introduction to Projects

12.2. Data Considerations

12.3. Data Evaluation

12.4. Data Exploration

12.5. Data Analysis

12.5.1. Vocabulary Diversity

12.5.2. Information Density

12.5.3. Language Formality

12.5.4. Information Complexity

12.5.5. Domain Specificity

12.6. Business Goals and Targeted Information

12.7. Suggested Reading

12.1. Introduction to Projects

In chapters 2–11, you practiced with the examples, extended your skills with respect to information extraction (IE), and learned many new ideas about how to apply LITI rules to your own data. Now you are ready to set up your own IE projects and build models to extract information from documents. Before you start building models, there are ...

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