Appendix A. Secure Shell Usage

This appendix is a basic guide to Secure Shell usage. For more information, refer to the Solaris 9 System Administration Guide: Security Services book at and the following man pages:

  • scp(1)

  • sftp(1)

  • sftp-server(1M)

  • ssh(1)

  • sshd(1M)

  • ssh-add(1)

  • ssh-agent(1)

  • ssh-keygen(1)

  • ssh_config(4)

  • sshd_config(4)

Client Usage

This section covers the client-side usage of Secure Shell. The basics of remote host connections and job executions, along with file transfers, are covered. The more advanced client usage of identities, agents, port and X forwarding, and proxies are also covered. Examples are used to demonstrate the various features. This is meant to be a brief introduction, not an in-depth guide.

Connecting to a Host

The following ...

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