Classes with mc Configuration

In configuring with the mc technique, many classes are defined for your convenience. You need to be aware of these, not only to take advantage of them, but also to avoid reusing their names by mistake. Table 22-2 lists all the macros that the mc technique uses as of version 8.12. Most are described in other sections, but a few are described here. See a description of LOCAL_CONFIG (Section for the general method used for adding members and new class names using the mc configuration technique.

Table 22-2. Class macros used with the mc configuration technique





Section 7.5.1

With the access_db feature, the possible acceptance strings from the access database (V8.10 and above)



With the bestmx_is_local feature, the domains to look up in bestmx in place of $=w



With CANONIFY_DOMAIN or CANONIFY_DOMAIN_FILE, do canonify these domains (V8.10 and above)


Section 4.4.1

With EXPOSED_USER or EXPOSED_USER_FILE, the list of exposed users


Section 4.8.1

With GENERICS_DOMAIN or GENERICS_DOMAIN_FILE, list of domains to look up in generics table


Section 4.5.5

With LOCAL_USER or LOCAL_USER_FILE, the list of local users


See this section

With LDAPROUTE_DOMAIN or LDAPROUTE_DOMAIN_FILE, route only LDAP hosts in this class


See this section


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