Chapter 16

The HARNESS Platform: A Hardware- and Network-Enhanced Software System for Cloud Computing

Jose G.F. Coutinho; Mark Stillwell; Katerina Argyraki; George Ioannidis; Anca Iordache; Christoph Kleineweber§; Alexandros Koliousis; John McGlone; Guillaume Pierre; Carmelo Ragusa; Peter Sanders⁎⁎; Thorsten Schütt§; Teng Yu; Alexander Wolf††    Imperial College London, UKEPFL, SwitzerlandUniversité de Rennes 1, France§Zuse Institute Berlin, GermanySAP, UKSAP Labs, USA⁎⁎Maxeler Technologies, UK††University of California, Santa Cruz, USA


HARNESS is a next generation cloud-computing platform that offers commodity and specialized resources in support of large-scale data processing applications. We focus primarily ...

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