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Olga Filipova and Rui VilãoSoftware Development From A to Zhttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-3945-2_8

8. Let’s Go Live!

Olga Filipova1  and Rui Vilão1
Berlin, Germany

In the previous chapter we discussed different testing techniques for our software product. We used different approaches to test our learning platform and we can tell now: ok, our product is implemented and tested, we’re done. Just kidding.

First, our product is not yet ready, it still needs a lot of our attention and love, and second, it cannot be considered “ready” if we cannot show it to anyone. How do you show it? Right now, the only way you can show your work to your friends is by inviting them to your place, opening your webpage directly on ...

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