AD (Active Directory), 78


delegation of, 3

simplifying systems administrations, 25–26

Arrays, storage arrays in ZFS, 74

Automation, of tasks, 3

autoreplace, 19–22


beadm command

boot environment management options, 26

managing boot environment with, 43

upgrading boot environment with, 43–44

Boot disks

creating, 94

mirroring, 62

Boot environment

managing with beadm command, 43

managing with Solaris Live Upgrade, 35

options for managing, 26

patching with Solaris Live Upgrade, 40–42

references, 46

upgrading with beadm command, 43–44

upgrading with pkg image-update command, 44–45

x4500 boot mirror example, 74


Cache vdev

overview of, 10

rules for ZFS pools, 11

CD images

managing with VMM, 93

registering with VMM, 97–99

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