A special debt of gratitude to several family members needs to be acknowledged. My parents have always given me their full, unconditional support to pursue whatever I believed was right and encouraged me to think independently. My grandfather, Dr. Donald Dashnaw, has been a great source of inspiration as well. His tireless efforts in serving people, acting on his convictions, and writing several books on his fascinating life certainly have been sources of encouragement for me to become a mentor and write my first book. I also would like to express my gratitude to my cousin Stephanie Torta for her valuable advice on the publication process.

I particularly would like to express my gratitude to Benjamin Scherrey and his talented young staff at Proteus Technologies, a successful software development firm based in Thailand. Serving as his chief financial officer, and jointly mentoring local start-ups have permitted me to gain valuable insights into the inner workings of tech firms and improve my sparse knowledge of software development and project management.

Thank you to all my friends and associates who graciously agreed to review my draft manuscripts. A special thanks to Ian Korman, who has been a trusted associate and tireless advocate of strengthening the Thai start-up scene. His valuable insights and advice regarding publication has been a great source of encouragement and enlightenment.

Last, but not least, a collective thank you needs to go to the entire publishing ...

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