In this book, I share insights and experiences accumulated during my many years as an investment banker, business broker, and financial advisor to numerous entrepreneurial ventures. My aim is to assist entrepreneurs in strategic planning, fundraising, negotiations, organization, and financial decision making with the hope that those aspiring entrepreneurs may sufficiently and efficiently fund their enterprises through progressive stages of development and ultimately achieve optimum financial success with a highly profitable exit. My intention is to prompt entrepreneurs to think finance and strategy in a holistic manner and within the appropriate context by discussing the various stages typical entrepreneurs face from incubation to exit.

The inspiration behind this book is my personal interest in empowering entrepreneurs to realize their full creative potential and achieve maximum profit from their hard work, sacrifices, and intellect. My goal is to provide effective mentoring to entrepreneurs so they may avoid the dangers inherent in business start-ups in general and dealing in the realm of venture capital in particular. Too many times I have witnessed start-ups with very promising and innovative products fall victim to financial starvation. I have also witnessed many instances in which venture capitalists (VCs) take advantage of entrepreneurs’ vulnerable financial position and financial inexperience and impose terms that ensure that the VCs, not the founders, reap a disproportionate ...

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