Security Analysis, 24
Stock Market Barometer, 93
Stock Reports, 13
Sunbeam, 156
Synovus Financial, 243-46
Sysco, 243-46
TCF Financial, 243-46
analysis, 94
approach, 27-30
confirmation, 95
rules, 128
trends, 123
volatility tests, 49-56
Trend analysis, 163-67
T. Rowe Price Group,
Value Line, 27
Verizon, 8
Wall Street Journal, 93
Wal-Mart, 89, 103-5, 108, 110,
111, 136-37, 170, 187-89, 205,
217, 219-22, 235-37, 239
Washington Mutual, 243-46
Waste Management, 16
WorldCom, 44-45, 48
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