NOTE: Page numbers ending in “n” indicate endnotes.


asset-reliability problems, 60–61


avoiding, 60–61

vs. definitions, 54


Bernoulli, Daniel, 132n

Bernoulli’s principle, 132n

bias in others, 11

books and publications

Moneyball, 98

Out of Poverty, 52

The Power of Habit, 66

bottling plant, smelling the problem, 35–36

box-closing machine, problem, 43–44

brainstorming, 20


cause analysis. See root cause analysis.

Challenger space shuttle catastrophe, 72

challenging opinion-based decisions, 102

chemical processing facility, problem, 64–65, 70–71, 89

chemical processing pumps, smelling the problem, 34–35

cholesterol intake, 73–74

choosing your method

categories of methods, 121

criteria for, 118–120

focusing on the problem, 118 ...

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